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Why should you work with PT Pipe Fabrications?

PT Pipe Fabrications is a leading fast & efficient pipework fabrication expert. Our management team with over 150 years of combined experience in pipe fabrication are capable of handling any type of pipework fabrication projects. Most importantly, we can offer you competitive prices and guarantee to meet any agreed deadline so you can deliver your project on time.

We provide pipework fabrication in various materials to fulfil various industries and projects. PT Pipe Fabrications only offer a high-quality service with the delivery of stainless steel pipe fabrication, carbon steel pipe fabrication and low-temperature carbon steel pipe fabrication, skid and module fabrication, vessel fabrication, titanium pipe fabrication and any general fabrication.

  • Management team with 150 years of combined experience
  • Good turnaround and delivery times
  • Class I certification
  • Competitive prices
  • Discounted rates for repeat business
  • Modulation expertise
  • Essex location, a few minutes from M25
  • Vast, experienced, skilful and helpful team
  • High-quality bespoke pipe fabrication and work finish
  • Additional support

Prefabricated expertise in various industries

Building Services

Food Processing Factories


Concrete Manufacturing Plants

Paper Mills

Power Stations

Water Treatment & Sewage Works

Pharmaceutical Plants

Our quality control & certifications

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On top of standard accreditation’s, PT Pipe Fabrications is one of the few pipework fabrication specialists to offer duel coded to BS EN 287-1 2004 (Class I) and ASME IX, certified by the British Engineering Services (BES).

We have also developed additional quality control & coding procedure to offer you the highest standards of quality and pipe fabrication in the industry.

Our welders, pipe fitters, cutters and painters all have relevant expectance, qualifications and expertise to ensure we manufacture the best quality pipework fabrication for your project.

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Your project and the relationship we build with you matter at PT Pipe Fabrications. This is why we are the only company to offer a complimentary loyalty programme that provides advantages that you can benefit for your current and future pipe fabrication projects.

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